Dorking Joiner & Repaircare Specialist

Complete replacement of external joinery - wooden windows, sills, doors etc - is expensive and usually unnecessary. On average, 95% of the timber is in good condition and the rest can be renewed, however preparation is essential for its effective painting and long term maintenance.

Traditional prior-to-paint joinery repairs such as splicing and filling are expensive, time consuming and frequently fail, leading to costly premature paint breakdown and further timber decay.




Repair Care has developed a unique system provideing a genuine, cost effective, alternative to traditional joinery repairs. Based on Repair Care DRY FLEX®, a range of flexible epoxy resins, large and small repairs, including complex moulded profiles can be quickly and easily achieved and they will last the lifetime of the timber.

Specifically developed for the long term maintenance of public, commercial, listed and domestic properties, the Repair Care system provides significant cost saving benefits when compared to replacement.


Architectural Restoration

By combining the Repair Care system with traditional Joinery Methodology we are able to restore doors, windows and other wooden structures to their former glory whilst retaining as much of the original timber as possible. Ideal where there are listed property issues.

We can undertake restoration projects at all levels so please call to discuss your requirements.

Please click here to view more examples of our restoration work and see the Repair Care system in action.